Fire Alarm & Security


Intelli Knight

Moore Electric, Inc. is dedicated to providing the most reliable systems and service in the alarm industry. Helping protect the lives and property of our customers is our number one priority.

Our detection systems promptly notify Moore Electric, Inc. 's central stations of a fire or other life safety hazard in the earliest stages. The bottom line is the highest quality protection and soundest peace of mind for your premises and you.

Moore Electric, Inc. offers the following detection systems in a variety of configurations. Many can be easily integrated with other building systems for masterful control.

Automatic Fire Alarm: Uses fixed temperature or rate-of-rise temperature devices to detect fire within seconds of its inception

Sprinkler Waterflow Alarm: Detects the flow of water when a sprinkler system is activated

Sprinkler Supervisory Service: Monitors the conditions of various functions of a sprinkler system including low water pressure, temperature, gate valve positions, and fire pump(s)

Smoke Detection: Activates upon the first invisible or visible products of combustion or smoke accumulation

Industrial Building Supervision: Includes monitoring of functions such as boiler failure, abnormal increase or decrease of temperature and flood control of the domestic water supply

Fire Alarm Reporting Life Safety and Evacuation Systems: Designed to meet all building codes.

Moore Electric, Inc. offers the most sophisticated systems for theft detection available. Each system is custom-designed to offer the maximum protection based on the individual needs of the customer.

Moore Electric, Inc.'s systems provide strong deterrence against crime and include the finest components available.

All of Moore Electric, Inc.'s security systems can be monitored at its state of the art Central Stations where alarm information can be communicated through telephone lines or the internet.

Moore Electric, Inc. specializes in the installation, and maintenance of Honeywell Security & Communications, Ademco Wireless, and other high quality security systems.

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